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Rishi Lakhani Trading Co


Wealth Management

We will help you to manage your trading portfolio here at Rishi Lakhani trading. Whether you’re just starting out or are  a well established trader of a few years, we’re certain we can give you some useful advice on how to manage your wealth to help it grow & flourish


We have a long history of FOREX trading. Follow our financial blog for tips and information on how to successfully make a reliable and steady income from forex trading. Many beginner traders start with forex and move onto other indices.

Day Trading

Day trading is quickly becoming a popular method of earning money from home, with the global economic landscape being in constant fluctuation, many are turning to self employment to have a reliable source of income. This is one of those methods.

Financial Education

Full financial management guided by Rishi Lakhani HMRC – avoid getting into debt or missing account submissions, learn financial education. Rishi Lakhani is based in the UK and offers financial education to business owners across London, Ilford and the UK

It’s about time in the markets and not timing the markets

– Warren Buffett

Financial Advice & Management

Do you have some inheritance money or savings burning a hole in your pocket, earning practically no interest in a bank account and wasting away? We can help you decide where best to invest that money to help it grow and thrive – with the least amount of effort possible of course!

Retirement Income Planning

More than ever its important to make plans for your retirement, state pensions are increasingly inadequate for even the most basic of survival needs. Don’t just rely on the state for your future enjoyment of life, make plans now for yourself and your childrens futures.


5 Year Average Portfolio Increase With Rishi Lakhani Trading Co Support

‘Build the Foundation of a Financially Secure Future.

Plan for the future so you can enjoy your retirement instead of struggling to get by. Own your home outright and have permanent assets and income for LIFE.

Learn the difference between assets and liabilities – why some things you once thought were beneficial for your investment portfolio are actually detrimental. Rishi Lakhani has spent two decades researching and learning the hard way about what methods work and which do not. Learn from his mistakes so you don’t have to make them!



When first starting out in the trading world, it can seem daunting and disconcerting at just how complex and detailed all the information out there is. A lot of practices and information resources seem to be contradictaroy, it’s almost impossible to know where to start unless you have a business mentor to help guide you along the way. I, Rishi Lakhani wish to offer my mentorship to you, so help clear the fog and give you laser focussed guidance to get you on your way in the trading world. 


My Name is Rishi Lakhani. It’s my soul purpose here on this planet to help you become financially independent and abundant. Follow my pro tips and advice to help grow your trading portfolio a thousand fold. Let’s grow your assets and reduce your liabilities together! 

I have invested my heart and countless hours into becoming a reliable and knowledgable source of trading information and best practises. Stick with me and your financial assets will flourish in no time.


We can almost guarantee that if you follow our business investment advice, day trading tips and tricks and stock market guidance – that you will see a vast increase in your profits which will inevitably snowball into a huge investment portfolio. It’s a lot easier to make money when you have money.  Every single one of our clients has seen a marked increase in their monthly incomes, which they then with their newly learned financial education, put to good use and made wise investments with. Many of them now have passive revenue streams for life which will see them through a very abundant retirement – as well as leaving their children REAL assets behind rather than liabilities. You too can have this wonderful life.

Rishi Lakhani Successful Businessman and Finance  | Rishi Lakhani


Rishi Lakhani - An award winning, Asian Entrepreneur

I am not to be mistake with Rishi Lakhani from Millenium – VAT Check Millennium Cash & Carry


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